Quick update regarding cloaking posts


Several weeks ago I mentioned that we occasionally get asked to remove posts to avoid imperiling job searches. After some study I found a decently effective way to cloak them temporarily. I haven’t gotten around to wrapping a user interface around it yet, but can make it available to folks who need it if you PM me.

Ground rules:

  1. Cloaking temporarily makes your post inaccessible via the NB site to anyone who isn’t logged in as an administrator. This would include, among others, unregistered users and Googlebot.

  2. The cat is out of the bag with regards to anything already in Google’s (or anyone else’s) cache.

  3. I trust people to not abuse the privilege. Accordingly, I don’t require a specifically articulated reason from you.

  4. Cloaking lasts 3 months. If you need it renewed, thats available but you’ll have to request it in 3 months. The reason for this is to design defaults-to-visible into the system, to avoid swiss-cheesing old conversations more than necessary. After cloaking expires the cloaked posts silently reappear in their previous positions.

  5. Cloaking doesn’t touch anyone else’s posts. In particular, note that it does not remove posts which might mention you by name or username, and it does not remove quotes. I do not consider this to be a bug.

  6. If you’re silly enough to continue posting after asking for a cloak, the new posts will be visible.