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Okay. I’m replying to this message that jEd just posted in the Decon Femmes forum. Unfortunately, non-moderators cannot post in that forum any more, so I’ll respond to it here.

Originally posted by DB8 MissingLink

[b]Okay, since I still think I won this round, and that Dre was saying I didn’t for some really confusing political reason I’m curious to see a non-game RFD.

'Cause I think I won this round…[/b]

Back when the decision was rendered, I, too, thought it was BS–and I told Mallen and a few others as much. Here’s why:

I agree with Dre to a point. Specifically, I agree with this analysis: “The risk to the DA is more than 0%.” In other words, the link exists to the impact (nuclear war). After that, I disagree with what Dre used to render her decision. She begins to weigh it out based on analysis that was never offered. She intervenes by saying that the benefits of passing plan (the advantages claimed of stem cell research) are more probable than the nuclear war scenario. But she seemed to overlook that you conceded Mallen’s analysis that nuclear war “is inevitable if we don?t modernize our nuclear arsenal with TNWs.”

So, for that reason, I’d view nuclear war as inevitable and dramatically outweighing plan benefits.

(On the other hand, as you all know, I have no NPDA experience, save for the debates I did in these forums. As a former CEDA debater, I’ve been accused before of being too flow-centric. So, if Dre’s intervening is conventional in NPDA, then you can choose to ignore my words. :))



Let me read the round again, it’s not fresh in my mind. I’ll explain this tomorrow afternoon- we have to sign a lease tomorrow morning.

It wasn’t a really confusing political reason, it was the simplest one in the game. I thought mallen and Jed were both strong players and debaters and was interested in making a wise choice about which one should be left in the game. About halfway through the round I decided it should be Jed, because mallen had a lot of allies and reciprocal voting deals, and because I thought his allies overlapped with mine way more than Jed’s. Also, I never wanted to debate Mike because his style is very different from mine, and I at least know what to expect from Jed.

Anyway, I remember that the thing I had to talk around was MO analysis and turns that Jed didn’t respond to. I’ll check it and post later. I mean, it’s one RFD. I’m not channeling the Oracle of Correct Debate Decisions. Other people can post their opinions too.

Stanford, intervention isn’t conventional among good NPDA critics. You’re absolutely right about the extra work I did. I was just trying to make it sound like my ballot wasn’t game-related…:slight_smile:


Originally posted by AhhAlegra
[B]I mean, it’s one RFD. I’m not channeling the Oracle of Correct Debate Decisions. Other people can post their opinions too.[/B]

laugh Yes. I, by no means, meant to be chanelling said oracle, either. :wink: Part of the reason why I even bothered to post at all was so jEd’s post would come out of the relatively obscure forum of the “Deconstructionist Femmes” and into a forum where people are more likely to notice it and respond.