RIP sharmi doshi

don’t know many details. a car accident in india, from what i understand.

I was privileged enough to have had sharmi as my debate partner, an experience that was only surpassed by the great friendship we shared. this past weekend at uop before I heard any news, it seemed that everywhere I turned I was reminded of some happy memory we shared. i’m sure many in the debate community have similar experiences. i would love it if you would be comfortable with sharing some of them, so we can understand just how great of an impression she left on all our lives.

Wow. That’s horrible.

Vivian–it was always a privilege to judge and watch you and Sharmi debate together and to later work briefly with the Cal team. Both of you were a true joy to see debate. I remember very well seeing the hard work Sharmi put into events like the 2009 NPTE and the regular GGI tournaments. My parli experiences with Ryan go back a long ways, and seeing them together at tournaments was always amazing. I am so, so sorry. :frowning:

I also want to say that I am continually amazed and impressed by the way that the debate community rushes to support people in moments like this. I very vividly remember the circumstances when Logan Will of Willamette died in an accident almost four years ago to the day–the outpouring of support from the local DOFs, the debaters being there for one another–it was truly incredible. Just going over to facebook now, I can already see that same phenomenon happening again. Y’all give me faith.