Robert Maxwell Judge Philosophy


I competed in NPTE/NPDA style collegiate debate for 5 years and competed for El Camino College, Concordia University, and Texas Tech.

General Issues

I don’t care about speed. I never asked Drake Skaggs to slow down and nor should you. The way the round plays out is entirely up to you. I will vote on any arg that wins on the flow but it should be noted that I believe Affirmative teams should read a topical plan text if not I won?t really use that against you but I?ll be annoyed. Arguments with warrants will obviously be weighed more heavily. I generally don?t care about round etiquette or rudeness, however all constructive speeches should take a question and I have gained a lot of weight since competing, A LOT. So i am sensitive to jokes about obesity. Speaker points are arbitrary everyone will probably get 30s if allowed by tab. Theory interpretations and advocacy statements should be read slowly or read twice.


I like theory and evaluate the interpretations via a framework of net benefits. The most competitive interp wins therefore your standards should be impactful.


All kinds of DA?s are fine as long as it doesn?t shift in the 2NC. Politics DA?s are fine too.


K?s are great when the thesis is clear. The Neg should spend some time in the 1NC explaining how the K framework interacts with the Aff framework (if there is an Aff framework). This doesn?t necessarily have to be done on a ?framework? level and can be explained in the link/impact level. I am decently well-read on a lot of literature commonly used in critical debate arguments but don?t use that as an excuse to not explain a position.


I don?t care what kind of counterplan is read. I also don?t care how many CPs are read. If the Aff does read theory?

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