Seeking bada**es


Pacific Oasis is a firefighting company looking for more firefighters. We fight forest, or wildland fires. No running into burning buildings.

You take a class (taught by me) that takes 5 days. Once you have taken the class and the physical test (3 miles of walking with 45 lbs in 45 min(pretty easy)) you are certified. Quite a few debate people have done this with me in the past. We would love to have some new faces out there this summer. We have crews that dispatch from southern and central Oregon, northern California, and Idaho. If you live anywhere near those areas, like within 200miles, you should consider taking the class. That way if there are fires and you don’t have a job to do, you can say “sure ill come”, when I call you. If you have something better going we’ll move on to the next person.

Anyone that is really serious about this, and/or lives pretty far away, we can put up in the crew shop for a few days at a time when needed.

You make about 1000 dollars a week, after taxes, if there is a fire. You get into the overtime on your wages usually by Wednesday afternoon. 5-7k summers are not unheard of for first year firefighters. No promises, no fires is also possible. That being said, pretty bad drought this year, so fingers crossed. You’ll also get into really good shape and it’s pretty fun and interesting work.

[B]Important:[/B] If you are soft; physically, mentally, or emotionally, don’t bother calling me. There are bugs, sticks, bears, and hills in the forest. If you don’t mind eating with dirty hands and can tolerate people saying offensive things all day in a work place before you should be fine.

This is a great thing to get certified for for a summer job for the rest of the years you have free summers! Call me. 541-531-3534.

Also if you are really badass, we have year around work in the forest. It can certainly make ends meet, but this work is really hard. Chainsaw thinning, tree planting, tree counting, stacking and burning piles of brush, and many other forestry management jobs are available. Again call if you are interested/in need.