Well, folks, as we await for the top two to be announced, I figured this would be an appropriate time to voice a few words of appreciation. So, here goes:

Special thanks to everyone who played the game and turned it into the maddening politicking and conspiracy-riddled game that it was. You know you made it fun for me.

Thanks to all the judges, who helped determine who made it to end-game.

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted, to make their decisions be heard at the final show-down.

Finally, special thanks to everyone who allied with me and assisted in getting me this far. Above all, Hajeer was someone who assisted immensely. (Yes, it seems that much to Jed’s chagrin, Hajeer’s power on Net Benefits IS growing. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :-P) Hell, he gave me the idea for my first speech in the end-game thread. And, quite frankly, I probably wouldn’t have cared enough to do anything more than let myself get eliminated in the first week if Hajeer didn’t get me excited about the game. Other people who helped along the way are (in no particular order): Carol, Phil, Shea, Ian, Marie, Jed, Dan, Dre, Mallen, Jake, Darryl, Cait, Alan, and Brendo. (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!)

If I ended up knifing you along the way, you have my most sincere apologies now. But, rest assured, you need not worry about it happening again, as I have no intent of playing this game in future years. It just brings out the ugly in everyone (myself being no exception), and I grew rather weary of having to curse out those who betrayed me (to create a strong enough deterrent against doing it again) and being cursed out by those I may have betrayed. It just took its toll on me, and this isn’t the game for me. So, while I had a lot of fun this year and I encourage everyone to have fun with it next year, I’m going to retire in sixth place. :wink: And if there’s a place for assisting with game admin, I’d be happy to take it next year.

Here’s to seeing you at some tournaments & my very best wishes to everyone! :slight_smile:



Oh, btw, feel free to post your own shout-outs (however they may apply) here.