Starcraft Round


If you’re not watching the round I am currently honored to judge, between the titans, Dan and Andrea, then you should be.

Wicked awesome.


I can’t express how hard it is to adhere to the word limits.




As a rabid Starcraft fanatic, the instigator of the “Starcraft is the official game of the Creighton debate team” and co-host of “hotel room 2000” featuring networked Starcraft with 4 play-stations at NFA 2000, Catbert may have to intervene.


No way. You’ve done enough by assigning me to judge two of my best friends. You may laugh with the rest of us, but that is all!!




I just want to say that either Starcraft or Pirates of the Carribean have made for better debates than every other round in this tournament, combined.

Patrick McKenzie


I want to see what happens when they run out of real quotes and have to just start quoting boring parts of the movie, like “What’s that?” and “Oh, all right.”

And yes, our Starcraft round is exceedingly awesome. Double win, anyone?



j/k, I’d rather take my chances. if I win I will officially become the coolest girlfriend in the history of the world. right now I just have a gold medal from the Pan-American games.


Stoppable Force v. Movable Object still best round ever

this will be a close #2 though


oh yeah, that was classic.

I still remember the Battletoads violence position. Hee.


Thanks to everyone who sent me PM fan mail about the round! Aw, that rocks.

Dre :slight_smile:


And the pirates round is now over… what do you guys think?


Well, I–for one–thought it was excellent! And I’m totally not biased, either!

But, really, I didn’t even need to say that. At the point where the Pirates round received more hits than any other that week–200 more than Starcraft and even 200 more than the final award ceremony–I think that the statistics speak for themselves! :wink:


P.S. Thanks for an enjoyable and good-humored round, Andrea.


[QUOTE]Originally posted by ISamuel
[B]Stoppable Force v. Movable Object still best round ever


Link to that best round, please?




The search feature is your friend. :slight_smile:

It’s here.




Nadda problem. :slight_smile: