Zerg kicks protoss and terran ass.


Matt, my Terran strategy will eat your Zerg’s lunch…


Not to smack talk on someone else’s behalf, but Jon Lang’s Zerg has been known to defeat the combined efforts of three experienced Starcraft players.


I don’t know… Me, Matt Volz, Ken Tran and Joey Washburn had a pretty kicking SOC Starcraft team for a couple of months there…

I’m actualluy not that great, but I hate Zerg players (when i’m not running them.)



Don’t, don’t, don’t let’s start
why did we ever part?
kick start my rock n rollin heart,


(yeah, i went for the jimmy instead of the TMBG, whatcha gonna do about it?)


Matt, this was my argument as well. Also, anyone who loses a 3-on-1 matchup (on the 3 side) is just playing badly, there’s no excuse for that. An early rush is unstoppable with those numbers. I mean jeez you could just SCV rush and win.



Interesting to see other folks who are still fans of starcraft…what are your names?