Support SIU Carbondale


I don’t usually post on NB and most of you probably don’t know who I am but important things always bring me back from time to time :0)

This time its about doing the right thing in the world while supporting one of the universities that makes up our community.

Ever since SIU joined our community the folks from Carbondale have elevated the level of what we do, brought joy and activism to debate and been good friends to us all. Now the faculty that helped give those students the tools they needed to steamroll in debate rounds is taking a step that if successful, might be modeled at all our universities. They are finally striking for the rights that are denied in our profit-seeking, tenure driven, publish or perish academic world. Like the right for your university to have to notify you of imminent termination and show the fiscal necessity of the layoff. Lets all sign this petition and let the faculty at SIU be as much of an inspiration to you as the students are.

Sign Sign Sign.

Kristen Owenreay