Texas Two Step Swing (January 4-7)


Hi folks,

The Mile High Swing has become the Texas Two Step and will be hosted by TTU and UNT. We hope you and yours will join us in Denton this January for what is sure to be an excellent time.

Take care!

2019 Texas Two Step.pdf (105.3 KB)


Hi all,

Registration is open!

Please note that you will need to register for each half of the swing separately. Links are below.





Hi all,

The hotel deadline is December 14, so be sure to register and reserve your hotel rooms soon!



Hi folks! Quick update. Topics for Pt. 1 of the Two Step will be released this Saturday, the 1st.

Additionally, (if you haven’t already) please consider submitting an initial entry on Tabroom. We will coordinate food orders and the like before break, so the earlier we get that information together, the easier life will be for us.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me or Louie. We are looking forward to hosting y’all in January.

Take care!


Hi folks,


  1. Please enter if you’re planning on coming! And… please come! We loves ya. Come hang out with us.

  2. If you are coming, PRETTY PRETTY please consider using the hotel block indicated in the invitation. We are under our reservation block right now, so… if you don’t mind switching your reservation to this hotel, or if you haven’t figured out housing yet and would PLEASE use our hotel, we’d be super super appreciative.

  3. Edited to add: If you are interested in being hired by the tournament, shoot me (Adam) a message as soon as you can.

If you have questions, concerns, or anything else, feel free to hit us up. We’re so looking forward to hosting you! Take care!