Tournament size and bid system


The NPTE Board is currently discussing a variety of proposals that may substantially (or slightly) alter the number of teams attend, the way points are awarded, etc. That thread is publicly accessible:

We would encourage you to read through the proposals and provide us with feedback - within this thread, within one of the Facebook groups, or by email if you’d rather not share your thoughts publicly (and we will not post your feedback in the public thread). Our email addresses can be found here:



@kdennis Are the proposals you support bolded? Is that the intent for the difference in your proposal list post?


@RLayne Yeah. Stuff that I’ll support with my board vote, in principle, at the moment, are bolded. Depending on how they’re modified or paired with other overall schemes, that may change, obviously.




Genuinely baffling that we can’t admit the basic fact that some tournaments provide more competitive and educational value than others. This is something competitors innately know and admit to routinely. The answer is to make local, regional tournaments better not trying to shield them from legitimate suggestions.