Welcome to the new Net Benefits! (READ THIS to access your account)


Welcome to the new Net Benefits! If you have not visited since the site migration, please use the “forgot password” link to recover your account. If your account had a special character in it (like “L&CJoe”) it was automatically replaced by an underscore (“L_CJoe”) during the migration process. If you have issues accessing your account, please message Zach Schneider on Facebook or email zach@schneid.io.

Unfortunately, uploads and attachments did not make the transition across from vBulletin; if you have recently uploaded a tournament invite for this year, please edit your post and re-upload it.

Also, please note that Discourse (the new forum software) uses a somewhat different “trust level” system than vBulletin to prevent spam. You can read more about it here but the tl;dr is that a few features useful to spammers (like @-mentioning users, uploading attachments, etc.) are locked down to new users. Once you have entered at least 5 topics, read at least 30 posts, and spent a total of 10 minutes reading posts, you will be able to use all core site functionality.